Teaching Taboo

Teaching Taboos from Mustang Morning News on Vimeo.

Religion and politics. These are two known topics that most people prefer keeping to themselves. But are teachers and students allowed to discuss politics in the classroom?

Under the MBUSD board policies, there are no laws pertaining to the restriction of discussing politics within the four walls of a classroom. The only attachment is that a teacher must clarify that what he/she is saying are his/her opinions and do not represent those of the district.

Some students feel that there should be more political discussion in their classrooms. There are seniors who will be voting in this year’s presidential election and want to be informed on the various policies and propositions they will be asked about.

Manhattan Beach residents also feel that politics should be a topic of discussion so students can form their own political views.

Politics have been considered a taboo for a long time, but the upcoming election has sparked interest for discussing politics on school grounds.