Top 5 Scenic Spots You (Probably) Don’t Know About


You’ve probably seen the snapchat stories: some kid driving to a serene area and feeling the need to share that experience with you. This leaves you jealous. You look for days and days, searching for a place that could top that infamous snap story, yet when it is all said and done, you find there is nothing and return to your Netflix and Grey’s. But I care about you too much to see you like this, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Actually 5 little secrets that will help get you and your snap story back on top.

1. South Coast Botanic Garden

This wouldn’t be a blog by Sam Schwartz if there wasn’t something about botanical gardens in it. The South Coast Botanic Garden will be the next best place to visit… and for your next post. Located outside of Palos Verdes, the South Coast Botanic Garden is a 20 minute drive from Manhattan Beach. The garden features hundreds different flora and fauna, which is a perfect opportunity for pictures. But this garden features more than just flowers. It’s also accompanied by beautiful gazebos and benches that are ideal for a little rest & relaxation.


2. Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden

Wait… what? Manhattan Beach has a Botanical Garden? Believe me, I was shocked by this news, too.  But it’s true. This garden does exist, and it’s awesome. The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden located off of Manhattan Beach Blvd. is the next place for your next selfie. Although the garden is small, it is filled with succulents and other small details that are special to the South Bay. So, if you ever need to destress and take a break that’s not too far away from home, the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is the place for you.


3. Rainforest Flora

Okay, hold on. Before I tell you this next one I need to let you know that this isn’t a public space. This is a store that specializes in the selling of bromeliads, but once I show you the inside, there is no doubt that this will become the next spot on your bucket list. Rainforest Flora Inc. is technically both a store and a botanical garden. Based out of Torrance, this garden will be sure to shatter all of your preconceived notions. Walls that are lined with plants growing off the sides of them, and ponds filled with others, create an incredible atmosphere that will be perfect for your next snap-venture.


4. Hopkins Wilderness Park

I’m sorry. I can tell that you are tired of listening to me rant about botanical gardens, so I’m going to change it up. How about a wilderness park? Ya… that sounds a lot better. Hopkins Wilderness Park is a local wilderness park that has anything and everything you would ever want for a for an unforgettable snapchat story. The park includes koi ponds, streams, and anything else you would need to take a load off and just relax.


5. Roessler Point 

So I’ve completely bombarded you with botanical gardens and nature, and you are probably thinking, “We live in the South Bay. All we care about is the ocean!” Well, all I can say is… this last one is for you. Two words: Roessler Point. This spot is sure to get the screenshots rolling and the DMs coming. Located about 20 minutes from Manhattan Beach, this scenic overview of the entire South Bay is sure to drop your jaw. I promise you, this venue will be the perfect end to your now perfect snapchat story.