Batting to the Top



After their game against Morningside High School yesterday, the Mira Costa Baseball team improved their record to 24-2. According to Baseball America, the boys are ranked 16th in the nation, scoring 183 runs this season. Through the leadership of head coach Keith Ramsey and assistant coaches Warren Trott, John Colin, Matt Sugarman, Chris Costley, and Joel Weeks, Costa earned the Rhigetti Classic Championships and are on their way to claim the Bay League title. Despite the stellar offense and defense, the team shares an undeniable friendship and bond that’s beyond just playing on the field.

As their season comes to an end, here’s a list of the games that they have remaining (As of May 3, 2018)

Friday, May 5 –

Morning side @ home – 3:15pm

Saturday, May 6 –


Tuesday, May 8 –

Redondo @ home – 3:15pm

Thursday, May 10 –

vs Redondo @ Redondo – 6:15pm