Top 5 Food Varieties You (Probably) Haven’t Tried


The art of the finsta. No, not a fake Instagram account, but rather the art of the Food Instagram account. ‘Tis an acquired skill that takes many years to perfect. One must have the perfect balance of good food and aesthetic to receive the optimal like count. But the hard part about running these accounts is keeping a fresh palette of different restaurants in order to keep your audience entertained. But in a world of finstas that goal is hard to obtain, that was until now….

1. El Pollo Inka


Here we start with my personal favorite, Incan Food. Let me know the last time you saw a finsta feature the masterpiece that was Incan Cuisine. I’m waiting. My point exactly, this could possibly be one of the most underrated food varieties in all of California. Located in many locations around the South Bay El Pollo Inka is one not to be missed. Its combination of spices, sauces and corn are unforgettable to all who visit. And if you’re feeling lucky you can even try their numerous culturally accurate desserts that will leave your mouth watering,

2. Moon BBQ


Ok lets get real here, who doesn’t love Korean BBQ? Honestly I have never met a person in my 18 years on this planet who has never been fond of some good KBBQ. But the constant problem with Korean BBQ is the price. Although sometimes it may be all you can eat, who really wants to pay $35 dollars for meat? Well if you are like me and looking for some KBBQ at a good price then Moon BBQ is the place for you. Located about 10 minutes outside of Manhattan Beach, Moon BBQ offers that authentic Korean BBQ feel, at reasonable price. Their meat is the perfect candidate for the now ever growing finsta and it will you both full and satiated.

3. Shrimp By You


For you seafood lovers out there don’t think that I forgot about you. I gotchu. Now that your finsta is poppin’ with new features, it’s time t0 pull out the old seafood card. Located about 20 minutes from Manhattan Beach is my hands down favorite seafood restaurant in all of the South Bay. Shrimp By You combines creole style techniques to create Shrimp, Lobster, Crab and many more items to serve your Mardi Gras needs. They give multiple options and combinations of sauces and flavors, so you can perfectly get what you need for your stomach and your finsta.

4. The Standing Room Restaurant


So far your finsta has only really been filled with obscure foods that no one would think to try but now, we go back to the basics. Burgers. Ya I know. we have In n Out so why would we need anything else? You don’t but it’s always nice to change it up, and The Standing Room is just change. Located about 15 minutes outside of Manhattan Beach, these burgers are ones to surely get those likes coming in. The Standing Rooms offers a combination of both American and Korean Cuisine to create a fusion that is one not to miss. But aside from the delicious varieties of burger combos their location situation on Catalina Ave. creates that beach-y feel that your followers and belly will love.

5. The Chocolate Chair


No meal would be complete without dessert, and I didn’t forget. Although this place may be a little farther than the rest, what it offers in terms of aesthetic is made up for the distance. Located about 30 minutes outside of Manhattan Beach, The Chocolate Chair is a dessert shop known for it’s infamous Dragon’s Breath dessert. The shop uses liquid nitrogen to cool its treats and create a steam like effect to come from the mouth of the consumer, resembling a dragon’s breath. If this doesn’t get your followers excited about food then I’m honestly not sure what will.

Now that I have let you in on all of the crazy and interesting foods of the South Bay, you can now update your finsta on a constant basis. Or if you didn’t even read it, I’m always down for some Amigos.