Best of Mira Costa: A Jogger’s Paradise

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Don’t know whether to workout, relax, or go to the beach? How about all of them?

With Manhattan Beach, CA being known for it’s clean, wide, sandy beaches and an attraction of 3.8 million visitors annually, the most simple, yet popular attraction amongst the eastern edge of the beach, lays “The Strand.” A calming, concrete path that stretches for approx 2.5 miles south to Hermosa Beach, CA and about 1.5 miles North hitting El Segundo, CA, it’s sleek path can considered as a runner’s perfect getaway with it’s million dollar artisan homes, shady palm trees, and a priceless, sleek ocean view. With all of the unique characteristics that compliment the strand, a runner would forget they were “working out.” Instead, consider it to be “strolling down a promenade in paradise.”

Beautiful homes amongst the strand.

Beautiful homes amongst the strand.

To consider this concrete walkway a simple path would be an understatement. It’s an attraction that connects the south bay as a community. The formation of “The Strand” started off as a wooden boardwalk that would later be paved to bring the town’s residents together.

"Boardwalk" circa 1912 (photo courtesy of Manhattan Beach Historical Society)

“Boardwalk” circa 1912 (photo courtesy of Manhattan Beach Historical Society)

Every day the strand attracts hundreds of beach goers, joggers, and locals lounging back while taking in the soothing sun. There is no better place to embrace the south bay and have the chance to people-watch while experiencing the beautiful ambiance of the beach towns. With all of the happy joggers one would pass along the way, the opportunity to be apart of a community that is incredibly health driven is truly motivating and is one of the amazing qualities that make the south bay one-of-a-kind.


Lace up your sneakers and pack a pair of sandals while you’re at it, after a rejuivanating run down the scenic coastline, you’ll be tempted for a refreshing dip in the salty water. Regardless on the time of year, summer is every day of the week when at The Strand.


Historic views of The Manhattan Beach Pier

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Best of Mira Costa: A Jogger’s Paradise