Sexism in Sports


Inequality between male and female athletes is nothing new, but the debate was reignited during this year’s U.S. Open. Serena Williams, shortly after being criticized for her outfit in the French Open, had the final U.S. game taken from her on the grounds of verbal abuse. This event and others like it that occurred at the same competition started conversations across the country about sexism in sports. Reporter Julia DiGregorio and photographer Maddy Bream hit the fields to find out how this issue is reflected in MCHS sports.


Funding isn’t the only aspect of equality in sports. The number of sports teams open to boys and girls is an important factor. At Mira Costa, there are no girls’ football, baseball, or ice hockey teams, while boys don’t have softball or cheer teams. To ensure there are equal opportunities for all, technically anyone can play on teams classified as boys’ or girls’.