Midterm Elections: One Shot to Change Gun Reforms


Change requires effort, and the upcoming Midterm Elections on November 6th may be the kickstart needed to lower the rate of school shootings across the country.

Gun reform is one of the main topics at stake this Midterm Election along with women’s rights, student loan policy, and health care. The 2nd amendment states that all citizens have the right to bear arms, but this right has caused much controversy in recent years.

In 2105, 36,000 people died because of shootings, but the number increased to 38,000 people in 2018 as a result of gun violence. After the Parkland shooting, where 14 students were shot and killed, many student activists are pushing for gun reform. Youth registration increased by 41% in Florida after student witnesses spoke out in hopes of making their voices heard.

With the upcoming midterm elections, students across the country are taking matters into their own hands by registering to vote and sharing their political views in hopes of putting an end to the sale of firearms.

800,000 people registered to vote this year. Of the young adults, 28% ages 18-29 are certain they will vote, according to a poll conducted by Vox News.

Currently, the Republican Party holds the majority of the seats in the US Congress but it could completely change when voters hit the polls on November sixth.