Women’s March 2019


This Saturday women around the country will unite in protest of  bigotry and discrimination at the Women’s March. The 2017 Women’s March was the largest protest in US history, and women around the country will participate in this annual event.

The biggest protests will take place in Washington D.C, Cleveland, and New York City, but hundreds of organized marches will take place, including several very close to the South Bay.

The Los Angeles Women’s March will begin in Pershing Square at 532 South Olive Street in Downtown LA. The demonstration starts at 8:30am with a Tongva Nation Blessing, and then speakers will address the crowd from 9am to 1oam. At 10am, the march will kick off with participants walking from Pershing Square to City Hall where programming on that stage will start at 11am. The whole event concludes around 2pm.

If you can’t make it all the way into Los Angeles, there is a Women’s March in Redondo Beach that starts at 10am in the Ruby’s Diner parking lot. For more information about women’s marches around the country, visit the women’s march website.