Immigration Policies

The rapper, 21 Savage dealt with the threat of being deported back to Britain. Despite his popularity in the music industry, he still faced the same risks as other immigrants in the US.

The US has always been thought of being a safe haven for immigrants around the world, but their immigration policies are changing. The Border Wall, kids held in cages, and families being separated by trying to enter the country illegally, are all instances that happen through US immigration.

The Border Wall estimates from as little as $8 billion to as much as $70 billion, so instead of using this money for other needs in the country, they are using it as a barrier against immigration. Not just initial costs, by The Border Wall, will cost from $150 million per year to $750 million per year in maintenance. US resources are being utilized for ways to keep other refugees or immigrants from entering, instead of improving their school systems, roads, etc.

Countries GDPs state, Spain has about $1.4 trillion, Canada about $1.6 trillion, Italy about $2.1 trillion, and the US about $14.6 trillion. The results show that even though the US has more money than other countries, their willingness to accept immigrants is limited.

Also, immigrants are a big factor out of many countries populations. Even though the US welcomes more immigrants, their population is so large that the comparison is considerably in the normal range. Out of Canada’s total population, immigrants make up about 21%. Spain about 14% of their population is immigrants. 9% of Italy and 19% of the US population consists of immigrants.

Over the next three years, Canada is proposing to welcome around 1 million immigrants. Refugees from other countries are their main targets. War in Syria is driving immigrants to flee, but instead of the US opening welcoming arms, Canada, a smaller country with less money, is taking charge.

The United Nations previously had a meeting where 193 countries signed a document where they are planning to welcome immigrants but still allowing their human rights to be respected. The US still hasn’t signed it and the possibility of becoming a reality is slim.