Bruce’s Beach Task Force


Interview with Dr. Jefferson

Matthew Cullen

The City Council appointed the Bruce’s Beach Task Force on September 15th. The group was tasked with figuring out ways to give reparations to try and mend the dark history of Bruce’s Beach.

Bruce’s Beach was an African American resort complex in Manhattan Beach in the 1910-20s. It was met by a lot of racist pushback, leading to the City of Manhattan Beach seizing the land and kicking the Bruce’s out of Manhattan Beach.

The Taskforce is working with a lot of very educated individuals, such as Dr. Alison Rose Jefferson, who has a doctorate in African American history, and Anthony A Lee, a UCLA history professor. I had the chance to interview both of them about the history of Bruce’s Beach and the direction of the Task Force. Instead of direct or monetary reparations, the force has decided to mend the situation through education and public forums.

For more information and to listen in on the next meeting, visit the city website.

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