From Regret to Resolution

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As the holidays come to a close and the final days of December pass us by, January welcomes all with a new year.  In addition to unwrapped gifts and empty wallets, we are each left behind we one reassurance: a fresh start.

New Year’s resolutions allow all to let go of regret and focus on reform. The new year brings forth opportunity for improvement- from diets to work habits.  However, as good as this may sound as we count down from ten while the ball drops on New Year’s eve, the challenge is committing to one’s resolution for the following 12 months.

Recent scientific studies prove that the only way to make a resolution stick is to slowly improve. A dramatic change is difficult to adjust to and is more likely to fall through. For example, to accumulate better eating habits, start by replacing one meal a day with a healthy, nutritious substitution. You can slowly replace all meals and snacks with healthy food with this gradual adjustment.

According to, the most popular New Year’s resolutions include:

  • losing weight
  • helping others
  • eat healthy food
  • manage stress
  • reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • save money


For more information on the top resolutions and how to make them stick, visit this website.

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