Coffee Consumption


Each town you go to, odds are theres a Starbucks or Coffee Bean for your caffeine needs. The growth of coffee consumption around the world and especially the US, where 54% of adults drink it, has risen tremendously over the past few decades in virtually all demographics. Most people know the main positives and negatives of consuming coffee regularly. Some drink it for energy too keep them going throughout the day, others avoid it because of how easy it is too get addicted. But recent studies have shown, most notably by Harvard University, that there are some incredible (and probably unheard of) long-term benefits. These range from lower risk of getting liver cancer to heart diseases. Do these long-term positives outweigh the negatives? That’s for you to decide. Just keep in mind when drinking coffee, take it in moderation. Avoid drinking more than 400 milligrams of caffeine (8 ounces of coffee = around 95 milligrams) and try not to use that much sugar and creamers.