Stressed for Desserts

Unique and trendy dessert shots have recently been flooding social media feeds.  Driving to far away stores, waiting in long lines, and paying high prices for a treat is becoming the norm in the South Bay.  Places like Blue Star Donuts are becoming more and more popular due to their unique way of making donuts.  They are cooked in rice oil and take 18 hours to prepare, resulting in a healthier, gourmet donut.

As desirable as these desserts can be they come with a price.  These fancy new dessert shops, such as HoneyMee and Negative 8C are charging about $7 just for some ice cream.  It may sound ridiculous, but people are paying these prices.

Though these stores are popular now, the trend could die as the stores are no longer the newest shop on the block.  The stores are becoming less and less busy as time goes on.