iOS7: For Better or For Worse?


The Apple iPhone products have found themselves as the topic of conversation lately. Along with the 5s and 5c being available to the public recently, owners of the iPhone 4 and 5 have been granted access to the new iOS7 update. But is this update a good or bad thing?

The first thing you notice is the cartoon-like appearance. This seems to be geared toward the younger generation. That being said, I wonder if this new look comes off as unprofessional or even “Android looking”.


photo 1

The apps are arranged the same, but their icon appearances have been altered.

The new update comes with a lot of confusion. Several  aspects have changed, such as quitting the apps you have opened and multi-tasking. These things have been made much easier though, and it is just a matter of time until users become familiar. Just like most things, patience is key.

While the new look is undoubtedly cartoon-y, Apple did a great job with making improvements to the old update. Something that stands out is the camera. New features such as slow motion video, different filters, and a instagram-ready-frame have been added. The slow motion video is my personal favorite, and it’s very fun to make cool and artsy videos. The quality and resolution has always been amazing on iPhones, and these new features allow the user to be more creative with their pictures.

photo 2


While I believe the new update should’ve done a sleeker more professional appearance, the features that have been added or updated are for the better. The iPhone is ever changing, and it will be interesting to see where they’ll take it next.

For more information about the IOS7 update, check out Apple’s website.