Watch What You Post!


I’m sure all the seniors going through the college application process understand the worries that come with applying. Personally, I’m disappointed that I didn’t participate in more extra curricular activities; and the hobbies/interests section? Uhhh… I use social media and procrastinate? I can’t write that down, and I won’t; but apparently we’re being evaluated on what we post online. According to the New York Times, 31% of 381 admissions officers admitted to checking out an applicant’s Facebook page.

You might have the grades, and the extra curricular activities, but once you’re competing for that spot at your number one school, your tweets might not help you get accepted. Wondering what to do? It’s simple. Don’t post any incriminating, or obscene photos for everyone to see. I’ve seen people change their names or put their profiles on private, but in all honesty; nobody cares or thinks you’re cooler by posting a picture with you holding a red solo cup. So delete all those photos and posts, and while you’re at it, unlike all those pages you liked in 8th grade if you haven’t already. They clog up your feed anyways. Post more photos of you playing that beloved sport of yours. Tell everyone what’s on your mind after volunteering at the soup kitchen. Then, hey, maybe all you seniors can post something about how relieved you are that your done with college apps, but grateful that you had such a wonderful opportunity. That just might be the kicker to the whole acceptance process. This shouldn’t only apply for seniors though, juniors and underclassmen take note! Once you post something on the internet, it’s there for everyone to see.