Pre and Off Season Sports

Many sports here at Mira Costa have pre and/or off season training to better their skills before their sport starts its season.  But, Joe Ciasulli (Tennis Coach) thinks student athletes should have more free time to do other activities: school plays, club/ other sports, jobs, homework, etc.  He does not believe having them practice as a team would help them in their game.  The players should practice and play on their own if they want to get better.  Sophomore Evan Fortier practices almost everyday even when the school tennis team is not in season to stay up on his game.  This year, the girls lacrosse team has added a pre season to their sport.  A lot of the players are also on the soccer team, but the ones who are not are doing yoga, running and drills during sixth period to have an edge this season.  Senior Kayla Sugimoto is excited for her last year on lacrosse and thinks the team will be better than ever.  Whether a sport has a pre season or not, Costa athletes strive to do their best.