Celebrities Influence On Politics

Noah Ryang and Maya Hernandez explore how celebrities influence our political views.

Noah Ryang and Maya Hernandez


From Kanye West to Katy Perry, it seems that more and more celebrities are becoming involved in politics. After Taylor Swift made a post on Instagram calling on people to vote, about 65,000 people registered within 24 hours. It turns out that celebrities actually have a lot of political influence and their platforms give them the ability to share their views with a wide audience. The rise in political expression from celebrities reflects a broader interest in politics. In fact, a study done by the Pew Research Center found that 20% of social media users have altered their stance on a political or social issue because of content they saw on social media. As celebrities continue to voice their political views, it makes us question how we should value the information and opinions they share. Like any other source of information it’s important that we assess celebrities for credibility, and that we take time to do further research on what they say, not just accepting the opinions or information they share immediately.