Ocean Scenic Trails

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The Tide pools


The Beginning of the Trail


The View of Below

Thirty minutes south of Mira Costa, down the coast of Palos Verdes, is a prime location for an adventurous, yet inexpensive date. Trump’s National Golf Course may have a daily fee of $300, but just behind the grass are cliff side trails with a free panoramic view of the ocean.

The trail covers about 4.4 miles, but you can stop and go as you please. The paths wind down the cliff,  lined with coastal sage, cacti and native vegetation, leading to a shore of tide pools.

Watch your step as you’ll encounter all sorts of marine life, from colorful hermit crabs to antisocial octopi. If you plan your date in mid-January through April, you may even see whales, as this is their ideal migrating season.

Among the rocks that jut out from the side of the cliff are perfect locations for a picnic. Although dog walkers, and other hikers may stroll by, there’s a sense of isolation and peace about the place. The lack of cell phone reception and the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline make the Ocean Scenic Trails optimal for getting to know someone. Not to mention, the view captures the perfect Instagram photo.

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