Vineland Drive-In


Every night when the sun begins to set, cars roll in and the projector starts to run.  Open since April of 1952, Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In located in the City of Industry uses an old classic tradition to bring families together. For an admission fee of $9 per person, you are able to choose from a wide range of current movies to enjoy and a family experience like no other.  Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In is a simple way to enjoy a movie.  With a total of four screens, these fill up fast.  You are able to sit in your car or open the trunk and relax outside your car.  The lots fill up fast on weekends so one might want to get there about 20 minutes early or go on a weekday to get a close spot to the screen.

The Movie Theater
The Movie Screen

Vineland Drive-In also sells food to make your drive in movie experience complete. We ordered popcorn that was a great size for the price and a perfect addition to enjoy the movie.  We also ordered a couple slices of pizza that were more on the mediocre side with not much flavor.  If your not interested in any options they have there, you are able to bring your own food and drink and enjoy a picnic out of your car.

The Concession Stand
The Concession Stand

The overall the experience and atmosphere was great.  With no technical problems with the sound or picture it’s a great way to enjoy summer nights with family or friends. For more information, visit their website Vineland Drive-In.